CRS Refund Policy

CRS Refund Policy


There are costs incurred to operate our league each season - ref fees, uniform cost, park district fees, OSA fees, venue & trainer fees for Futsal, trainer costs, and overhead.  We base our operational budget on each of these factors offset by the fees we collect to make the program function.  We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and use the majority of our budget to operate every year.  Our board are all uncompensated volunteers. It is our objective to make the situation as amenable as possible when your family are not able to participate in our program, however we must stand with our policies as stated.  

All requests for refund must be made in writing and sent to Centerville Rec Soccer to, and must include the name of child, parents name, reason for refund, and contact information. Approved refunds are usually refunded within a business week to 10 days via the original payment method.   

Refunds are not issued after players are rostered, if the season has begun, if you have chosen to try out for another sport or program or if your child refuses to participate after you have registered for Centerville Rec Soccer.  

Refunds are not be given in the event of canceled games due to field closure.  Games are rescheduled as permitted by the parks district. One rainout game is built into our schedule when approved, but the parks must approve any other make-up games according to field availability.  We do not have control over whether any games beyond one make-up will be scheduled.

We do not honor refund requests made for coach or team dissatisfaction, schedule/time conflicts, or any other reason than approved exceptions.  We do not place players together or with specific coaches unless it is the coach's child or two coaches request each other for their children to play together..


Refunds will be allowed for the following reasons - 

-  Refunds will be issued minus the 4.75% refund fee if you withdraw before being placed on a team.  We can have teams formed a few weeks in advance, and wait to plug coaches and their child into their spot.  Just because rosters haven't been issued doesn't mean that teams are not already formed.

-   Players moving out of the district prior to receipt of uniform, proof of relocation must be provided. 

-  Players suffering injury or broken bones that prohibits them from being able to play, prior to the first game of the season. Doctor’s verification must be provided. A prorated or full refund can be issued depending on the circumstances. Please NOTE - Centerville Rec Soccer does NOT allow players to participate with a hard cast because of the possibility of further injury to themselves or others. Regardless if a doctor clears them to play with a cast. 

- In the event you are issued a refund, we will deduct 4.75% of the registration fee that goes to the credit processing company for the refund.  We do not benefit from the fee and cannot absorb the loss on top of the refund, and hope you understand.  

Updated 1/2024